Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Kranjska Gora


People who’ve just started linking turns will get the most out of this place. The lifts are fast and uncrowded and the pistes are as flat as the Dutch dykes. There are two 4 man high speed chairs from the base station. Number 7 takes you to a steep often icy run down to number 14 which takes you to the highest point 1295. From here you can hike up to the summit, but watch out for avalanches, or follow the run back down through the very tightly packed trees. Don’t cut down to the left at the top unless you want to limbo under fallen trees, stop on top of a waterfall, and climb out via a steep snow/rock slope. Don’t be encouraged by the piste map as lift 8 which goes to the summit 1570 only runs in the summer. If you want to get to some big powder faces you’ll have to rent a guide and walk into the surrounding mountains. Call 00386 041 749 055 for local guide.


There’s some small drop offs, under lift 7, and a few things to hit in amongst the trees, but this is not a freestyle resort. There’s no park of any sort and not one planed in the near future. In fact the only man made hit is a ski jump round the corner in Planica which holds international events.


The pistes are groomed almost to perfection, and are good and wide so you can crank over your turns. Just as your legs are starting to burn you’ll be at the lift again which in one ways good, but in another shite as you’ll soon get board.


There’s a great area at the base station serviced by t-bars and good slopes to progress to. If it’s your first week then this is a great resort it’s cheap and its modern lift system makes it a great place to learn. The hire equipments not great but it will do and again it’s inexpensive. If you’ve done a bit before then you’ll be happy here for a few days but not for a whole week.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife