Your views on Rogla

User rating 2 out of 10


Thu 10 November 2005 by magyar

I would say that this resort is more for skiers. I would recomend some resorts : Krvavec (pipe, kickers and rails), Vogel (kickers, rails and boxesin the park and good freeride)

User rating 3 out of 10


Tue 13 January 2004 by MC

Very strange resort to me as you drive to the top of the mountain and board down, but remeber not to get caught too low at the end of the day or you will have a long walk back up to your car. Not a very large resort although there is some trees + off piste to huntout. I think its a good venue for a day trip while on a tour of Solvenia, other resorts to check out:

Vogel Kobla Krvavec - In my opinion best resort in SL