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san isidro

Sun 18 November 2007 by basher

Good if the weather holds out you normally only get the sun up from the mid station, acouple of four man and t-bars mostly so unless you like t-bars and the cold wind but lifts are slow, can get crowded at weekends and gets dirty on the slopes with litter and ciggy butts under the lift routes and icy in big patches, car park is big but gets a bit icy so watch your hire car, roads on route up to resort, gets really ice as the sun does not get chance in some places , you can park at the bottom and walk up but it is a way to the lift, only good run was the last open straight to the lift station,,,,watch out as the spanish cut you up loads,,lift pass aroud 30-40 euros a day and around 25 for a half day from 12.30 i think,,,all in all the only hotel is about 1.5 miles from the main ski area so you do need to drive up, the hotels there are large with some shops and hire places under neath it 1 burton shop he states but not alot in there, bars are the hotels so dont expect much night time ventures apart from close by as it get bloody cold at night there,hire shops are alittle expensive and the quality of the boots are poor offering no support and a bad fit as the guys in the resort are all smile and no experience, as for the boards you get something around 3-4 year old looking wild duck cheap bouncy boards with scratches not repaired and so white from being dry having no wax food is good try fabada it is like a stew local to asturia province but you may have to drive north a couple of miles to get the good resturantes and traditional .....hope this all helped as i lived in the north for a couple of years and this place was not to far to get to for a ride,,,,,,,regards all mark