Your views on Cairngorm

User rating 6 out of 10

Fri 4 April 2008 by Brendan

Cairngorm can be amazing, but it is rarely so. It is often very windy and snow conditions are unreliable. Beautiful location with some funs routes and a decent terrain park when it is open. Lift pass prices are a bit on the high side (£21.50/day for a student), especially when the management insist on charging full price even if the funicular is the only lift open due to high winds.


User rating 3 out of 10


Sun 20 June 2004 by Lady V

MY MY MY how the funicular railway has ruined the Cairngorms! Average of an hour waiting to get on the darned train thing and then another 10 minutes (it stops to pick up/drop off in the midlle) to get to the top of the mountain. PANTS! Althought the old 2-man chair sometimes had to be stopped for the high winds, it didn't happen that often and at least the q was always moving - no hanging abouut in the station for an hour. And how thay can say that the railway looks better and 'blends in' with the environment better I don't know - it's a monstrosity. The prices for food up the mountain too is awful - a soggy microwaved sausage on a rank roll and a cup of lukewarm coffee will set you back nearly four quid. The boarding in parts is good tho esp the coire caste - when there is enuf snow - if only those darned skiers would go away!!! (only kidding - luv y'alll really)