Your views on Craigavon Ski Centre

User rating 1 out of 10


Mon 28 September 2009 by James1

Its the only place to board in Northern Ireland. They have ramps and rails on wed nights under the lights and while it's not big kickers in Whistler it's relaxed and keeps you in the boarding way.

Staff aren't all skiers, actually there are 3 pretty cool snowboard instructors who are on hand for advice. Their kit isn't the most up to date, but it's a dry slope so even the best palmer board won't work it's magic here. Actually I found the staff really helpful, even the skiers!!


User rating 2 out of 10

Yard brush hell

Thu 22 November 2007 by fallingleaf

There is not much you can say about the place. For a quick hit it will keep you entertained for an hour. The most fun is the button lift. If youre using their equipment be prepared for poor quality and limited choice.. oh yeah and the staff are all skiers, they wouldn't know a board if they got in its way..