Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Glencoe

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Resort life

Local services can be found in the small village of Glencoe, a 6 mile drive away. It offers limited, but good, accommodation in a Scottish atmosphere with a number of excellent cheap B & B's and decent pubs. Alternatively, the village of Onich is 12 miles away and has a bigger selection of services, including a cool bunkhouse with a bar. Fort William is 30 miles away and has an even bigger offering. Wherever you stay, a car is a must. Glencoe is worth a visit, even if only to visit one of the most amazingly scenic areas of Europe and flavour some real Scottish culture without any hype.


The nearest town to the resort is twee tourist haven of Glencoe village.  You won't find much in the way of nightlife here, but head out the back road (about a brisk 10 minute walk) to the Clachaig Inn where they have live music every Saturday night, the place is absolutely jumping and a good night with a few pints of the local ale can be had by all - Jimmy Saville has been known to make an appearance now and again!

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