Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Glenshee


Glenshee probably offers the most terrain if the snow is good, so if conditions allow then head over to Glas Maol where you acn "open up the taps" for at least 2 minutes and enjoy some natural kickers and drop-offs.  The top of Cairnwell and Meall Odhar offer some brief thills.


Freestylers don't bother, go stay in bed. There is, however, talk of a park this year.  If tempted out, your best bet is to get some "action" in Glas Maol or Cairnwell - Glas Maol even has a natural small half pipe and a few lips you can jump off.  You might even find the odd natural kicker coming off Meall Odhar - but blink and you will miss it!


You wont exactly be experiencing any thigh burn here, but your best bet for a bit of "distance" is Glas Maol or Butcharts, or picking up the blue off the back of Meall Odhar.


Beginners who have not mastered a T-bar or poma will be hard pushed to access any decent snow or get away from the crowds - the beginner area gets dangerously busy at weekends.  You can take the chair up Sunnyside and scrape about there and if you want to have a go on one of the less "brutal" drags, then have a play about on the Beag.

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