Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Sugarloaf


Freeriders are going to feel very much at home here, with a good choice of descents that include acres of summit bowl riding and over 500 acres of treeriding terrain. Some of the most challenging terrain to check out can be found off the Spillway chair lift, while for a less stressing descent, the Gauge is okay.


Freestylers can be seen kicking off natural hits all over this mountain as the place lends itself very nicely to natural freestyling. If you can’t find a decent hit to please your desires, than Sugarloaf has 3 terrain parks and large halfpipe with huge walls and nice transitions. The main park, Pipeline comes loaded with hits galore with rails, spines and big gaps. Beginners can get their first air in the Quarantine Zone, before progressing to the Stomping Grounds on the double diamon Chaser run.


Riders of all levels will find an abundance of runs to choose from which are laid out all over the mountain starting out at the summit and allowing for long cruising runs all the way back home


Beginners are presented with numerous trails that are mainly laid out across the lower section of the mountain and although the resort has a lot of good novice areas, the main section is often clogged up with skiers and others using the routes as access to the base, and base lifts.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife