FWQ 3* CNF Romania 2013

13-14 April 13

Female Male Freeride

The FWQ return to Romania and this year sees the event upgraded to a 3* event.

CNF Romania 2012 was a turning point for the freeride scene in Romania and this year is set to be even better as the event is upgraded to a 3* event. As the last qualifying event of the FWQ calendar this is sure to be a great event. More details are to follow.

CNF Romania 2012 (TVstory) from aBigQuestionMark on Vimeo.

For the 2013 season all FWQ riders will be able to register online on the FWT website for all FWQ events. 

According to seeding lists and number of starting spots per event, riders will receive a confirmation email that they are selected or not for the event they registered for. They will have then 4 open days to complete payment in order to secure their spot. Should a rider fail to complete his registration (payment) within the 4 open days, he will lose his spot. The next rider on the seeding list, who tried to register, will automatically receive an email that he has 4 open days to complete registration.

N.B: FWQ events organizing an open before the FWQ event will manage the Open registration on by themselves.



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