6-8 July 12, Les Deux Alpes, France

The 5th KUMI YAMA event will take place from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 July. Influenced by


This unique event is taking place on Les 2 Alpes’ glacier, at 3,000m, on one of Europe’s most renowned snowparks. 

The Kumi Yama brings together European pros, Japanese champions and snowboard enthusiasts and children (9-14 years old). During 3 days, competitions and "battles" will take place all day long.

Every year, around 250 riders from 10 different countries take part in the KUMI YAMA.
The 5th Kumi Yama will be a spectacular show, based on "Mario BROS" world. Green pipes, bombs, canons, red mushrooms, magic stars…will be put up in the Snowpark.

Les Deux Alpes, France

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