Wängl Tängl 2011, Mayrhofen

12-19 March 11, Mayrhofen, Austria

Once again brings together a week of music, snowboarding, skateboarding, art and party. The 3-day snowboard contest is three-man team event. Nelson Pratt heads up a UK team, and fellow Brit Tyler Chorlton teams up with Markus Keller and Tobi Strauss.

Wednesday is the official start of the three-day Snowboard contest window. It’s on when it’son - The Vans Penken Park yet again hosts the three-man team main event. Back but different again, the Red Bull End Section commands technical perfection – more so in a teams format. Last year’s winning team, Absolut, is fired up to defend their title while 16 teams with riders from 13 nations are ready to test their skills. Riders including the likes of Herbie Thaler, Hampus Mosesson, Wolle Nyvelt, Markus Keller, Chris Kröll, Tobi Strauss, Steve Gruber, Nelson Pratt, Tonton Holland and Tyler Chorlton are defining strategies for their teams.

Waeng lTaengl 2010 Herby Thaler, Phips Gruber, Michi Stanschitz
Waeng lTaengl 2010 Herby Thaler, Phips Gruber, Michi Stanschitz
Photo: Markus Fischer PleasureMag

On the upcoming weekend 4th to 6th March and 11th to 12th March is the last possibility at the Shred Down Austrian Masters in Innsbruck and Westendorf qualify for the Waengl Taengl 2011.

Waengl Taengl 2010 Rider Tonton Holland
Waengl Taengl 2010 Rider Tonton Holland
Photo: Simon Lemmerer

Team 1 Absolut Herby Thaler AUT, Regular Michi Stanschitz AUT, Phillip Gruber AUT
Team 2 Zillertal Chris Kröll AUT, Peter König AUT, Mario Wanger AUT
Team 3 Nelson Pratt UK, Billy Morgan UK, Andy Nudds UK
Team 4 Tyler Chorlton UK, Markus Keller SUI, Tobi Strauss GER
Team 5 Ä 1 Wolle Nyvelt AUT, Friedl Kolar AUT, Steve Gruber AUT
Team 6 Ä 2 Beckna Eberharter AUT, Rudi Kröll AUT
Team 7 The Sound of Change Alex Walch AUT, Christian Weber SUI, Benni Hopfgartner AUT
Team 8 Stefano Munari IT, Marco Grigis IT
Team 9 Gummi Love Levi Luggen SUI, Jeremiah Schwery SUI, Roger Eggel SUI
Team 10 The Fat Ankles Nick Francke USA, Denis Leontyev RUS, Maxwell Carl Scott USA
Team 11 Triple Trouble Hampus Mosesson SWE, Mathias Weissenbacher AUT, Trym Sandvik Nordgard NOR
Team 12 Welsh Air Force (W.A.F) Tonton Holland SUI, Damien Henzelin SUI, Nico Tille SUI
Team 13 F**School Wildcard Clemens Schattschneider AUT, Adrian Krainer AUT
Team 14 Wildcard "Läst Chänce" Shred Qualify
Team 15 tba.
Team 16 tba.

The Rhythm ‘Give-A-Trunk’ Charity Auction held during the Optical Night on March 17th. Nine featured Artists present their work and trunk designs to the live concert from Scott Sulliva and The Ruff Pack. All revenues raised via the Rhythm ‘Give-A-Trunk’ auction will be donated to the Broken Bird Foundation focused on rescue, rehabilitation and release of local Birds of Pray. Fans can also vote on their favorite board short, the winning design to be included in Rhythm Europe summer collection 2012 on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/rhythmlivinworld)

Waengl Taengl Chris Pfanner
Waengl Taengl Chris Pfanner
Photo: Christian Boehm

Skate is already rocking Tuesday, March 15th, opening with the Best Trick Session in the Mega Miniramp. Wednesday, March 16th, the skate-o-meter goes up a notch with the Tag Team Finals. Skaters already confirm include the like of Philipp Schuster, Micky Iglesias, Danny Wainwright, Phil Zwijsen, Josh Young, Marc Churchill or Kevin Wenzke.

Music line up keeps it rocking till late every night… Close to 50 musicians bring the freshest sound from the big cities and everything in between to the Mayrhofen scene. International headliners like Edo G, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Dorian Concept, The Clonious, Texta and the S.K. Invitational Big Band are taking care of sensational shows. The warm up vibe is in eased into action in the capable hands of Die Au, Hinterland, DJ Chris Fader, DJ Buzz, Da Staummtisch, The Ruff Pack, Feux, Abby Lee Tee and sev more.

Waengl Taengl Event Hall
Waengl Taengl Event Hall
Photo: Christian Boehm

Special for this year, as a pre-taster for the final party, a street concert with S.K. Invitational on the Red Bull Brandwagen is going down on Friday 18th starting at 16:00 in the town center in front of the Penkenbahn in Mayrhofen.

More on www.aesthetiker.com/waengl

Mayrhofen, Austria