2014 Winter Olympic Slopestyle

6-9 February 14

Slopestyle Competition

New to the Olympics for 2014 athletes perform on a slope featuring various forms of obstacles (rails, quarterpipes, and jumps).

The technical characteristics of the course are dictated by the rules of the International Ski Federation. The competition is formatted in an elimination system with semifinals and finals, with two runs in each round. The snowboarder with the best results wins.

The USA team have announced a strong list of riders including Shaun White and Jamie Anderson but they will face fierce competition. The GB team has a very strong field including Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan and Aimee Fuller who all genuinely have a chance of a medal!

Billy Morgan in particuarlly is going with a mentality that it is all of nothing despite injuring his right knee preparing for the games.

"It was four or five months before the Olympics," he said. "I wanted to cry.

"I snapped my anterior cruciate ligament and medial cruciate ligament. I had a simple choice - either try to go to Sochi or don't and have the operation. So I'm going to Sochi."

He added: "It's gone as well as it could so far. My knee is strengthening really quickly. It's feeling stable, doesn't feel foreign any more."

We will be keeping you uptodate with all of the results from Sochi but this event is definiteley our one to watch. A detailed overview of the course you can expect can be seen below

Slopestyle Course Sochi 2014
Slopestyle Course Sochi 2014


Slopestyle Sochi 2014
Slopestyle Sochi 2014

The main time are as follows:

6th February

10:00 - Men's Slopestyle Qualification                           

14:00- Ladies' Slopestyle Qualification                          

8th February

9:30 - Men's Slopestyle Semifinals                                 

12:45 - Men's Slopestyle Finals                           

9th February

10:30 - Ladies' Slopestyle Semifinals                             

13:15 - Ladies' Slopestyle Finals