Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in La Tania


Freeriders have got two great runs down, the blue Folyeres (a rolling run through the trees with some great drop-off hits) or the red Moretta Blanche (good for a full speed hack). Off-piste access is good, the trees are ok at the top yet they get real tight as you near the resort.

Under the Dou Des Lanches can be fantastic but dont go near it without a transceiver as its prone to sliding. Also good is between Loze and Dent de Burgin chairs.  


Freestylers will find lots of natural hits and loads of areas up high to build a big kicker. If you want pre-made, then head for Courchevel or Meribels funparks.  


 Those who want just the piste will enjoy the two main rolling runs into the resort. Or you could head down towards the altiport in Meribel, as the pitch is good and the width wide.


Beginners will find a short drag lift out of resort, which is not the best place to learn. Instead you will find the best beginners slopes link with Courchevel.

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