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Compact and bijou resort

Mon 2 March 2009 by sarah6

This is a small resort, it's not very high and the longest run will take you about 20mins from top to bottom. The lifts are really slow and the upper lifts will shut down if it is too windy which leaves just the bottom slope which is extremely limiting. We went there at the end of the season and on the first day the lifts were shut at the top and we were dreading 10 days of that 1 crappy slope. The next day, more of the mountain was open and it was better fun. There is a small terrain park and some fun little places to wind through the trees. This place is probably best for beginners to intermediate. The instruction was really good - I had an afternoon session which totally improved my riding. Stay in Ushuaia and not at the resort as there is NOTHING there. On the plus side, the slopes were practically empty when we were there and some of our photos look like we had the whole mountain to ourselves. The cute little snow foxes trotting around are a nice addition too!