Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Las Lenas


Freeriders willing to do the short hikes can get to 50 degree faces and big ball cliff drops making this place a freerider's dream. When its open, the Marte chair delivers you to terrain that is possibly the best that the Southern Hemisphere has to offer. Ask in the wine bar about a guide and examine the off-piste maps on the walls for all the runs you'll need. From the top of the Marte head down toward the Iris t-bar, once the patrol have made you sign your life away, you can drop into one of the many chutes that will end up at the top of the Vulcano lift. For $25 peso you can take a ride in the snowcat, where you'll be almost guaranteed in getting fresh tracks for the next couple of hours. You'll find it next to the first aid hut on the Apolo run.


Freestylers will find a park at the base which is the setting for the Reef big air comps. Its very snow dependant, but when theres snow theres a good variety of jumps and some rails.


Carvers can have a great time here with some well groomed fast trails and some great steep un-groomed runs. The Vulcano and Apolo runs have good long wide pistes.


Beginners may struggle a little here with most of the slopes geared towards intermediates. Venus is one of the few beginner runs and can be accessed by chair or t-bar. Due to its flatness, people coming from the Marte will try and fly down it, and you can find your self skating if you take a tumble. There are lessons available, and some of the instructors do speak english but often not fluent.

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