Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Cypress Mountain

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Resort life

Across the water in North Vancouver is where most snowboard shops are located. The Boardroom on Lonsdale is particulaly well stocked and as competition is fierce, discounts are common. Vancouver also has great public transport all run by one company which means a car isn't necessary.


There is a cafeteria which sells all the usuals like burgers and some of the biggest muffins you will ever see! The bar next door serves much better food, a little pricey but with good-sized portions. There is also a coffee bar outside which is open on busy days and covers some basics.


At night, there is plenty happening in Vancouver. On the North Shore, head for the Rusty Gull on 2nd or  the Shore on 3rd, just off Lonsdale. Downtown on Granville Street, watch out for Fred's Tavern or Roxys. For incredibly rich but incredibly fit women, head for the SkyBar downtown, but make sure you got the cash to keep the ladies in bubbly!


There is no accommodation on the mountain as the city of Vancouver is so close. In downtown Vancouver, there is an excellent hostel which has friendly staff, awesome facilities and runs daytrips to the mountain. Alternatively there are all the normal types of hotels that any large city can offer down town and on the North Shore itself.

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