Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Le Massif de Charlevoix


Freeriders have a fairly ordinary mountain to ride that allows for some basic freeriding down mixed ability slopes which are sandwiched between lots of dense wooded sections. However, this place is not hard-core and forget about any decent back-country terrain or powder bowls.


Freestylers should be able to have fun here. There are plenty of spots where you can pull some natural air with banks of snow lining many of the tree lined slopes. You will also find the odd log to grind over, (should you not mind wrecking your boards base). Man mad hits are short in supply however, there is a pipe and on occasions they do build other obstacles.


Carvers who come to a resort looking for loads of super fast steeps, should go else where. That said Le Massif does have a number of nicely groomed carving trails to ride along.


Beginners have the best chance to shine here with a good selection of easy runs to choose from which can all be reached with ease and with out needing to use drag lifts all the time.

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