Termas de Chillan


Freeriders will find what is regarded by locals as the best on offer, is accessed via a 10 minute hike from the top of the temperamental Don Otto chair. Hiking right from the top of this the rider is rewarded with 890 vertical meters of open bowls that exit into a series of 35-45 degree chutes back into the base. With pisting operations seemingly unheard of here the area is a freeriders dream. Beware though, avalanche control is also almost unknown of and you'd be lucky to ever see the ski patrol.


Freestylers have a well constructed snowboard park and pipe reached off the middle poma.


Carvers who require pisted corduroy tracks, Mickey Mouse is really an Elephant, get the picture!


Beginners, if it were not for the way the lifts are laid out, then this would be an ideal novices haunt, but it's not.