Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Himos


Freeriders are not going to find this place up to much as there's nothing really to excite. The longest trails are on the north slopes, with one black and a couple of red runs on offer. The runs on the west slope offer a few more challenges, with some blacks that weave through the trees. Just don't expect powder.


FREESTYLERS will get the most out of this place. Youre provided with two halfpipes and a funpark, which they call the Street, comprising of hits and rails that at least make up for the boring terrain. Locals often build the odd hit and you may even find a few logs to session in the trees.


PISTES.The longest trail only just manages about 1000m, the slopes on the west hill give you the chance to shred at speed down some well-prepared black trails and the short red runs are good for carvers who want progress.


Beginners have only a few, very short green trails to get started, but as the blue trails and even the reds are overrated difficulty-wise, novices have more on offer than it first seems. To help total first-timers, there is a slope with a free lift.

Most novices should have this place sorted in three days, if not, take up cross country skiing as youll be more in tune with that.

Kids under 7 can board for free if they're wearing a helmet.

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