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Resort life

Ruka is an all year round tourist destination, so add that to the fact that Finland is an expensive country, and what you get is a good but super-expensive resort. Only a half hour bus ride from Kuusamo airport, Ruka has a good selection of well-appointed local facilities which include a damn fine sports centre and a number of shops.

If Ruka is not your thing, Kuusamo is the nearest big town with a far greater selection of everything at slightly lower prices, to help the budget-conscious rider.


The options for eating out are fairly good, with a variety of restaurants around town and near the slopes. It does hurt having to pay so much money, even for just a burger. Still, the Ampan is well known for serving up a good pizza, while Ali-Baba does great grills to order. Burnt or rare, it's your call.


Nightlife in Ruka is tame, not bright lights and disco style. However, things are very lively and the Finns know how to party hard (mind you, how they manage to get drunk with the cost of booze in this place is a mystery!).

The only main nighttime hangout is Ruka Mesta Club. Forgetting how much things cost will initially take a while, and it won't be until you're drunk when you can loosen up.


The choice of accommodation is extremely good, both at the slopes and back along in Ruka. Options range from very expensive hotels to very expensive shared chalets.

If you find staying in Ruka or at the slopes is just too expensive, then the town of Kuusamo is only 20 miles away and offers a greater selection of places to stay with a wider price range. You will, however, have to commute to the slopes.