Your views on La Plagne

User rating 8 out of 10

Fri 4 April 2008 by Brendan

The freeriding is fantastic, definitely up there with the likes of Tignes for an intermediate. There are a few rails in Plagne Centre but a decent terrain park on the mountain is something that needs to be built. However, now La Plagne is linked with Les Arcs through the Paradiski lift system I guess this is not so much of a big deal. I went in December 2003 and again in January 2005 and the conditions were very good on both occasions with very short lift queues.


User rating 3 out of 10


Fri 7 September 2007 by Darren9

Really has not got a lot going for it....

Terribly laid out slopes - you seem to be doing itinery runs all day. Loads of flat areas and huge queues.

The villages are terrible - unless you stay in plagne centre there are very few bars. Most of the villages have terrible architecture - they are all concrete monstrosities - it looks like being at a tacky beach resort.

My advice - save your money and go elsewhere. There are many resorts that are better than this.



User rating 4 out of 10

Only just better than Romania

Sun 19 November 2006 by jat147

Considering the cost of going, its awful - Romania sucks - but at least its cheep! Resort is concrete everywhere you look, you'll pay £5+ for every pint you drink, nightlife is totally dead because of booze prices, we paid 100 euros for a fondue dinner for 2! Then you get to the slopes, and the gradients are rubbish - unless you're a 2-planker, or snowboard with ski poles you'll do a LOT of pedalling - after 1 week my left thigh was twice the size of my right! No park, poor off piste, little snow - we had more grass than snow by the end of a week (in Jan).  Les Arcs next door is just as bad, so dont bother there either.

User rating 4 out of 10

Ok if you're a skier

Wed 19 April 2006 by PETRA

La Plagnes is separated into about 10 villages, all of which are tiny, with not much night life.  I stayed in La Plagne 1800, with its 1 over prices pub, which only seemed to be busy during happry hour only.  The grading of the pistes is somewhat to be desired, some blues where steeper than blacks.  The majority of the runs are very narrow, and flat, and whats worse, is they run from Flat to up hill!  (Which is alot of unhooking and board dragging) Definatley a skiers resort.  One run called the Tunnel was particularly awful, its flat for about 1 miles!! The best part about La Plagne is that its linked to Les Arcs, with the most amazing, (double) cable car over the valley.  Riding from la Plagne 1800 to Les Arcs 1800 was fantastic, and wished I was staying there, but had to ride back for the last lift.

User rating 10 out of 10


Mon 3 April 2006 by mike

this is such a nice place to go skiing / boarding. i read alot of rubbish about it being a bad place in reviews online, and i just wanna say that most of the negative stuff i have read is nosense.

its big, its high, it has beautiful scenery, the lifts are fast and without ques.

there is little nightlife, but it is there if u want it.

the only bad thing for me, was that beer in bars is overpriced, but its the same anywhere in the big french resorts.

thinking of going? just book it, u wont regret it.

User rating 4 out of 10

slopes average, rsort worse!

Tue 7 March 2006 by Iain

The boarding was ok, fairly challenging, but the queues for the chairs did our head in and the resort consisted of one big cocnrete building.... not pretty! bars were dire.

User rating 8 out of 10

paul melville

Sun 9 October 2005 by hossydossy

we managed to squeeze a week in les coches at the end of february and i have to say, les arcs was sweet, but it didn't even come close to matching the bellecote glacier at la plagne. there was one particularly nice piece of offipiste right down the valley towars the vanoise express which got a bit mogully, but if you like your trails tricky, check it out.

User rating 7 out of 10


Fri 29 April 2005 by Judd

Excellent riding terrain with Les Arcs now connected, nice range of pistes that graduate well for beginners.  Quaint villages but generally the resort is lacking atmosphere and a more central location to the layout would benefit the resort. 

User rating 7 out of 10

grat over the back but still plenty of terrain

Mon 7 March 2005 by kalthedog

I stayed at la plagne for a week, it snowed three times, was really busy at the front but better over the back towards champagny and the glacier, quite a lot of off piste which is not really used by the locals, never go in French hols as it gets packed, good for boarding although the lift system seems a bit disjointed and theres way too many nobhead skiers and locals