Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Foppolo


Freeriders should be advised that this is not the most interesting place in terms of the diversity of terrain features. Much of the riding is set well above the tree-line, however, there are some really nice bowls to shred through and a few okay off-piste spots to try out.

From the summit point of Montebello, which is reached after a long draglift ride, you can ride down a number of fast black trails that wind down a steep mountain face and are not to be taken lightly or you will end up in pain. At the bottom, you can either elect to go back towards Montebello or head on up in the opposite direction to the slopes of Carona where you will be able to try out a few more black runs.


Freestylers wont enjoy this place that much. With no park or pipe, air heads are left to either make their own hits or find natural ones.


Riders who like long and wide-open runs will find a number to keep them occupied, with a few nice reds to check out and some long easy blues.


Beginners have lots of easy runs to learn on, starting with the nursery slopes which rise up directly from the resort centre. The first main cluster of blue runs are reached via a long chairlift which can be used to reach most of Foppolo's easy runs.

Access to Carona on snow is not possible for total novices.

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