Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Coronet Peak

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Resort life

After a hard days riding, the next best thing is to be able to hang out in a place that offers you a good choice of accommodation, plenty of restaurants and loads of bars with varying price ranges to suite all pockets. And that is exactly what you get in Queenstown, a big town full of all the joys and spoils to make a week a month or even a year an eventful one. Queenstown has every possible holiday services you could want and a vast array of outdoor sport activities. You can take part in paragliding, rock climbing, go jet skiing or even have a game of golf (if you?re sad enough) or really bored.


Being a big town, as one would expect, there is a massive choice of restaurants and cheap cafes in Queenstown. Every type of food is available with lots of options to eat cheaply. Notable places for a feed are; The Cow, which offers moderately priced pizza and spaghetti. Berkels Gourmet frys up a good burger, while Gourmet is good for breakfast.


Night life, in Queenstown rocks hard and late. Locals here like and know how to party hard, and if there's nothing laid on then guaranteed something will happen to set the evening off. The choice of bars is great with some good boozers, such as the Red Rock Cafe which also serves good bar food. The World Bar is also cool hangout.


The choice of lodging around here is very impressive, but forget about any beds slopeside. Queenstown is the best place to billet as it has the biggest selection and best budget options, but its also close to all the off-slope action. Motels are a common form of accommodation around here as are bed and breakfast homes. Bungy Backpackers is a cheap hangout. Tel ++64 03 442 8725

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