Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Ohau


Freeriders are most at home here. Apart from the two learner areas at the base and the wide groomed Boulevard Run, the terrain is generally steep. Left of the Chairlift, is the steepest part of the area with the Escalator trail being the steepest run on the mountain. The strong-nerved should consider traversing further than Escalator, past the Rock Bluff and ride down to the Platter lift. The face above the day lodge, with the Sun Run trail on it, offers some steep runs and because it gets sun early in the day, it's often the best place to ride in the morning. On the other face, the Exhibition and Escalator runs, remain in the shade until late in the day.


Freestylers  Throughout the season Ohau build an intermediate terrain park with jump, rail and box line.


Carvers may at first feel left out, however after some close examination, you will soon see that there is enough pisted carving trails to shine on, with runs like the Shirt Front, where you can give some style at speed.


Beginners tend to hang out on the Boulevard run although it does get a little steep in places (below Top Flat). Boulevard does give less confident riders a good reign of the mountain and a few ski areas have such an easy run from there highest point.

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