Your views on Treble Cone

User rating 6 out of 10

Not very snowboard friendly

Thu 15 August 2013 by Natura

Treble cone from Queenstown is an extra 1/2 hour drive out compared to Cadrona, total trip being 1.5 hours, and tip for the all round snowboarder, is save that extra half an hour and go Cadrona.

The time we visited, group of beginners to intermediates (Aug13) snow conditions were pretty good, but just couldn't help but feel like this peak was meant for skiiers, and definatelly not beginner snowboarders Why?

a. Beginners bunny area is very narrow and "cut in" below the main run, and gets pretty icy in the morning from the natural shade from the cut in, so not good for beginners to learn on.

b. Skiiers skiiers everywhere, hardly any snowboarders in sight.

c. T-bars the bane of all snowboarders in the beginners bunny hop area, though not a terribly steep or difficult tbar, i can't imagine an absolute beginner liking that. Why no conveyor?

d. The runs were all varying but it felt very meant for skiiers, with narrow paths, moguls everywhere and a really choppy bumpy green run with a lot of u turns.

The pros though were:

a. If you are an intermediate rider, blue bullet run is an absolute blast to practice your carving and straight line speed.

b. Petes treat is a nice run with a couple of small jumps/boxes in the beginning with not much of a run in speed that a beginner of jumps/jibbing could practice on, its also walkable back up to re do the jumps/jibs without being too tiring.

c. South ridge is pretty good to do some medium sized carves and the end of the run is very cruisy and fun.

Overall though, didn't think it too memorable a peak to go to over cadrona, which has more things to do and challenges, and more snowboard friendly, but then again it could have been the time we went happened to have a lot of skiiers.