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Ruapehu rocks

Tue 11 September 2007 by mac4

i have spent two seasons in Turoa working for the resort so i have had plenty of time to check out what the volcano has to offer. If you want the best lines you have to go out into the backcountry zones marked on the piste map as these areas offer some brillant runs with large wind lips for popping off, huge step ups, natural halfpipes and drop offs. The volcano offers excellant areas for building backcountry booters and the new park crew have got to grips with the park which was a major let down last year. with the new chair replacing the aweful t-bars you can get to the top in comfort and not dodge people whi have fallen off. If you are up for a hike you can make your way to the creator lake at the peak of the volcano which will give you an extra 650 vertical feet and the views are worth the hour hike. The pistes do get busy at weekends and dont offer much compared to europeans resorts but there are lots of natural hits on the edges.