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User rating 9 out of 10

Multiple Visits

Thu 27 August 2009 by Delphinusd

Agree with the WSG review - great for beginners and intermediates. I have been there for min-breaks (4 days) and whole weeks for the last few years and I love it. Completely unlike France it regularly has great snow, friendly people, orderly queuing at the lifts and generally very quiet slopes. If you want to keep the cost down stay in a larger cabin like Snovit - spacious and very high quality accomodation - getting your supplies from the local supermarket and cook in the well equipped kitchen (even has a waffle iron!). Advanced boarders will be a little bored but if you fancy a thrill take the 45 degree black and see if you can do it without falling over or side-slipping. My skiiing buddy went down most of it on his backside with one loose ski racing ahead of him!


User rating 8 out of 10

Good Place to Learn

Sat 5 January 2008 by Mark25

8/10 (for beginners, even a 9 maybe.) The Resort has a few newish fast chairs, and more drags. The main area of the resort has some reasonable length runs of slightly varying gradient ideal for beginners - no flats, my girlfriend (novice-boarder) was in her element boarding down the tree-lined runs for a few days. There was a boring run with some flats to get over to another area of the resort (Hogegga,) but once there that was OK too. NB Scandinavian Black runs are measured on a different scale to continental ones! - Don't get cocky if you can straight lune one here.

Down side - EXPENSIVE It was costing us 300kr (28 quid-ish) a night for our campervan at Camping Klara - however prices may have been hiked due to us being there over Christmas. Worth a visit for a few days.