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in Trysil

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Resort life

The village of Trysil is 2 km from the slopes and offers good local facilities, although what is on offer is stupidly expensive and would make a weeks stay a struggle with funds, and impossible on a low budget.

Most people don't venture into the town much, only for supplies (3 of Norway's largest grocery stores have outlets here), as the majority of the accommodation and the partying is to be found slopeside.


Normal shit, altho you don't find any moose burgers, wwas.

The location of the accommodation affords many Norwegians enjoy a bbq'd hotdog & a cold beer slope side.

If you can find a drink called karsk, then after the slopes, get a few mates round a table, play some cards & get ready to go from sober to battered in 25 minutes flat !


If your nightlife starts with a good apres session then Trysil gives you a flying headstart. Knettsetra, an easily accessible mid station, kicks off the apres ski with food and the usual expensive Norwegian beer. At the end of a tipsy trip down the mountain (and via the park!)you find Laaven, which is usually jam packed on weekends and during holidays, so get there early to avoid queuing (probably around 10 minutes after you leave Knettsetra!).

Other watering holes include Sindrestua and Ski Puben - a more grown up English style pub, both located at the bottom of the Fjellheisen chairlift.

Bakgarden is a hangout for youngsters - strictly non-alcoholic - which offers youngster type things like a pool table, films and Playstation consoles (which are probably playing SSX).

Later in the evening bars/pubs/restaurants can be found in town, but most Norwegians tend to gather in their chalets consuming their own supplies, and sometimes the lethal Norwegian moonshine. Look out for "karsk", a mix of coffee, sugar and 96% spirits. Small sips!


Accommodation is offered in a huge number of cabins and hotels, (all will burn deep into the pocket). Still, a few beers will help dampen the shock of prices (once pissed, you no longer care what the next things costs).


Acommodation is mainly slope side as over 80% of the cabins, apartments & hotels are based on the pistes or next to the lifts. Accordingly to the Norwegians, prices are normal considering the country you are in & the activity you are doing. Go with a group, ensure you have some friendly Norwegians with you and it becomes more affordable.

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