Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Abzakovo


Freeriders will find some off piste terrain here, but as there's not much snow, the rocks and stones that stick out can be annoying. Many people come back from Abzakovo with scratched boards, so be careful.


Freestylers will find some interesting areas in between the runs, but it's not really the place, unless you find some local snowboarders and build a few hits together. Bannoe, which is 25 km away, has a halfpipe 60 m long.


Carvers will find a few well-maintained runs 30-60 meters wide, but when it's warm, the runs tend to get icy.


Most of the runs are very suitable for beginners and as they are not steep, this is a good place for easy boarding and to work on technique. Relatively long runs are usually well-maintained, except if there's too many people in which case it can get a bit hard. Watch out the drag lifts though, as some of them are really steep.

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