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in Krasnoe Ozero

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Resort life

Krasnoye Ozero is located near Korobitsino settlement, which is the St. Petersburg center for ski & snowboard resorts. The village itself is quite dull, but the resorts bring life to it and the natural landscapes are quite nice. During the season the resorts occasionally hold ski or snowboard competitions and throw parties, so if you come at the right time, you'll have lots of fun.


There's a cafe and 2 restaurants serving American and Japanese food. The prices are higher than what you'd get in St. Petersburg, but still affordable: a meal would cost about $10 per person.


The resort offers comfortable and affordable cottages. Most of the cottages have a sauna and some have a fireplace. The prices for a double are 1900 R ($70) on weekdays, 3100 R ($110) on weekends. "Lux" cottages (with sauna and fireplace) for 6 people cost 4600 R ($170) on weekdays, and 7500 R ($270) on weekends. To book, call +7 (812) 441-29-42 or drop in St. Petersburg, Furshtadskaya st, house 33, bld 2 (near Chernyshevskaya metro).

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