Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in tatranska lomnica


When you look at the piste map, this resort like many in Eastern Europe, makes you think there’s more here than you think. Really its one long run from the top to the bottom, linked by a few narrow zig zaging paths. This is no bad thing as at least you get a good long run in, and there’s never really a queue at the base station and the gondola is fast and takes four people at a time. From the top of the Black you can cut far right for a powder face, or left into a bowl which looks great, but beware the forest below closes out and it’s a hike bake to the piste. A few years ago a hurricane blew through here, taking out loads of trees and leaving some gaps in this incredibly dense forest, but again take care as the forest does close out and there’s loads of tree stumps.


None of any note, best thing to do is take a spade and make your own. There’s loads of fallen trees so you could take a saw, cut of the odd branch and make a great rail. If it’s jumps and park you want, head to the nearby resort of Jasna 80km away.


Drags are the main draw back to the little Jamy area, where you can catch those edges on the first few days. After that you can get the Gondola up to the aptly named Start area, which is a blue back to the resorts base. Not a bad place to begin but the blues really little more than a wide path and can be a little flat in parts.

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