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okay for a quickie

Sun 9 January 2011 by mikeyvidler

the towns nightlife is "exiting" to say the least lots of very drunk people on the tax free alcohol the snow was fine when we arrived but throughout the week it got worse and worse by the end of the week its was ice all over with patches of thick powder on the piste off the piste looked lovely until you touched it it was powder frozen solid horrid for riding the pas de la casa snow park was okay 9 rails all varying from a flat box to curved slanted ones there where no kickers until you reached the other park upon which they hit 6 ft or higher making it difficult to learn to air kickers the last day was atrocious the main lifts where closed because of high wind, slush lower down the mountain, powder blizzard on top, park closed and ice hard off piste however if the snow was better it would have been endless fun in varying runs for people of all abilities i have to say i wouldnt return as the snow seemed poor and we have covered alot of the mountains its just time to explore somewhere else a week was more than enough time


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Wed 13 February 2008 by Juan Carlos

I have been to the Granvalria in Andorra twice, first time to Soldeu in feb 2005 and to Pas De La Casa in Feb 2008. I think the place is good but Pas is getting more and more like Magaluf on ice, it's full of Loud English and Irish blokes on a mission to get wasted and to pull one of the five girls in Andorra or Mandorra as it should be called. If your like me and you actually want to do some great boarding on your holiday then it's not bad, once you get out of Pas it's quite scenic. The Lift system is very good, not too busy, the runs are good if being quite easy, being 95% above the tree line it's very open. Above average conditions in 2005 and below average in 2008 but the runs were always perfectly groomed. There are a few parks, a few beginner ones which were good for me but the main one was only half open when I was there. In a nutsell, good resort, well worth a visit, very cheap, Long transfer, stay in Soldeu unless you like sweaty drunk blokes.


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Had a Wicked Time

Mon 20 February 2006 by ads

Went for a week in January. A great place for intermediates. We managed to cover loads of it. El Tarter is a wicked place to ride, takes about 45minutes of riding from Pas De La Casa to get to. Its got a nice black run that you get to yourself.

Can get a bit crowded on the lower slopes near the lifts so watch out for ski school.

Nightlife is pretty good. We only found 3 clubs and a couple bars most of them English speaking, its well cheap though.

Don't stay at Lake Placid Apts we had two snowboards stolen there! Thievin pikies!

Overall, its a wicked place good value for money.

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Great Boarding, Massive area

Mon 6 February 2006 by timster

I've just got back from here with a few friends and it was great. The grand vilara area which the lift pass covers is huge and covers about five completely different resorts. There is no way that the lifts get overcrowdwed simply because there are so many( i think the stats at the bottom of the page are outdated because there must be at least 30 chair lifts). There is a great variety of blue,red and black runs at the top of most lifts. There are wide open slopes, windy mountain runs and tree lined runs and lots of off piste. There are loads of mountain restaurants and the area at El Tarter is particularly good with a competition freestyle area and lots of chilled out places to eat. Pas de la casa itself is ok and the nightlife is not overpowering, i only counted a handfull of bars and a couple of clubs. This is a great place to go if you don't want to get bored on the slopes because you would never cover the whole area in a week.

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Pas de la Crapper

Mon 9 January 2006 by scritch

Didnt think much of this resort. Took 6 hours to get to after roads were blocked by snow. Resort itself is nowt special and a bit grotty. Nightlife was disappointing, it was quiet and bars were just tacky ones like in tenerife.

Slopes were ok with plenty of snow however some of the main slopes had long stretches of level bits and if u didnt hav enough speed u had to take a foot out and push yourself along. Not many drink huts either for u stop off for a coke. Big area tho and it was fun to go off to different resorts and explore.

Plenty of cheap booze tho, only a fiver for a litre of Smirnoff Blue cha-ching :)

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Not for Beginners

Tue 3 January 2006 by Megalo

Hey folks. This is not a bad place IF you are bot a beginner. It is so badly miss-sold as a 'paradise for beginners', that I am surprised nobody has sued a tour operator yet. On a 1 week snowboard tour there, I was staggered at how many other beginners had the ame view. Why? Simply put, the nursery slopes to train on are lousy, tiny, and crowded. Secondly, they are so few.

When taking lessons, you find yourself going from a small flat slope to the next step: steep blue runs that you have to navigate at the front of the resort (facing down into the resort). Then, there are some small pockets of flatter runs in the middle, but the best part? All of the runs finishing down to the lifts are steep- for beginners anyway. So what you have is steep-less steep-steep.

There are much better places to learn on, such as Alp D'Huez, where I went for skiing, where you have a mecca of gentle runs that you can upgrade to from the Nursery slopes. In Pas, its like, 'Bam'. You go from flat to steep. No in between.

If you are an intermediate boarder, then this place will suit you. Good Reds and Blues. However, I would NEVER recommend this to a beginner, unless you are manic on going from barely standing on a board to being shoved down 45 degree+ slopes. "Iz okeey.." say the instructors. Bull. I saw half a dozen bad falls from boarders that went too fast on steep slopes.

I also canvassed those beginners skiing in our group and they fared even worse. Many defected from the steep slopes they were shoved to as soon as they could stand back down to the Nursery slopes. And pretty much everybody (skiing or boarding) said the same thing: All of the terminating slopes are way to steep- as you come into the last 300m or so into the base where the lifts are.

Stay away beginners. Others, go for it.

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For the broke!

Fri 21 October 2005 by Just

Have ended up here 3 times now and have finally come to the conclusion that all aspects of this place are very disappointing. 'Ibizia on ice'??? Never been and never want to go to Ibizia, but if that well quoted phrase is true Ibizia must be cr*p!!

Slopes here are overcrowded and they are either very icey or very slushy, not to mention unchallenging.Nightlife is overated and in your face, and Ive always felt that it has tried too hard to make up for what is lacking during the day.

Ive decided ths coming year that where ever we end up it wont be Andorra. I'm going to use my cash to go to a proper resort!!


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Cheap and cheerful

Fri 29 April 2005 by Judd

Not what most people like but very cheap. Nightlife is overated here other reviews are right, too much attitude, too many boozers not enough cruisers. Nice halfpipe, some nice runs too many beginners though. Still worth a look at.

User rating 6 out of 10

2nd Time

Wed 26 January 2005 by Ian8

Well ok I experienced Pas once and it was my first boarding experience, so when invited to go along again with a group of people I thought well snow is better than no snow! Having just returned (23 Jan 05) I have decied it is off my xmas card list for this year.

Whilst it has wide open pistes, which are well maintained with canons to cover most of the ice patches I would definately say it was for beginers, very intermediates or people who normally visit Ibiza in the summer!!!! If on the way down to the lifts you don't break your neck on frozen kebab thrown up by all night drinking, you should have a good time. Best option is to get straight to the top and head over to the other side. Im not tree hugging but it has better scenery and a few decent tree runs to keep you occupied.

Night life is very much like a military bar, full of blokes on a mission to get smashed out of their minds and try to lay anything with a pulse! Blokes taking their missus should definatley be of a strong mind and have a long fuse! Nuff said!

Other than that, not a bad place, but I have seen and done better.

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man dorra

Thu 23 December 2004 by rude-dog

never before have i been to a resort where every where you go is full of beer drinking idiots trying to get laid! the place is a complete dump, the bars and clubs are rubbish and the mountain is only good for beginers. the park and pipe are a waste of space, as is the border cross run. the lift system is so slow you could walk up the mountain quicker.. ok, its cheap... but i'll never go back.

User rating 4 out of 10

New Year Week

Tue 6 January 2004 by Daz6

Overall impressions on arrival were good - loud music, lots of bars, friendly people and the fun park within walking distance of the apartments. However once riding Casa does not rate that highly (more geared up for skiing!)

Lifts tend to be a little slow and queues build quickly on the Casa side of the mountain. The runs tend to be quite long but many have flat sections which if not judged right mean a walk (or a tow from a friendly stick rider). The Grau Roig side of the mountain is better with a couple of sweet runs with easy off piste availability but be aware that under the snow it is pure rock and when conditions are poor you can seriously damage your weapon!

From this year on there is the Granvalira pass which links Casa, Roig and Soldeu. I would recommend shelling out the extra dosh as it gives much more riding potential including (while we were there) statches of deep power and great tree runs.

Overall I would suggest beginners to intermediate piste riders would get the most from Casa. Freestylers forget it as the pipe was very poor and there were very few rails or hits.

Off piste is ok but not very challenging and can often result in a long walk back to a lift.

Nightlife and food is very good - beer is cheap and although you may struggle to find a kebab or curry, pizzas are plentiful.

Happy riding.