Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Molltaler Glacier


Even with exceptional snowfall there are still too many rocks to go aimlessly freeriding too far away from the pistes. Also remember it’s a glacier so you need to be careful especially at the top; it’s not the crevasses you can see that’ll get you, it’s the ones that have been covered over by frequent winds, and bleepers and shovels are essential before even thinking of tackling some of the areas. Guides are available to show you some of the good bits so enquire at the ski school.


However having said all that, there are a few recognised ski-routes to try out that are well worth it. You can drop off the black 10 as it bends picking up the red 9, this is the easiest of the routes shown on the piste map but it’s still not for wimps. The run from the top of the Duisburger Hütte under the gondola is very steep and narrow in places, and is pretty exposed so the snow can be pretty nasty. The route off run 3 shouldn’t be tackled without a guide.


There is a huge bowl to the right of run 4, which joins up to the blue run, but this is serious crevasse country and you really need to know where you’re going.


Ignore the halfpipe logos on the piste map, however at the same location (halfway down run three on the left hand side) you’ll find a couple of kickers and a few rails, but it’s not particularly well maintained and aimed very much toward the beginner to intermediate freestyler. Away from the park there are limited air opportunities.


Beginners will absolutely love pistes 2 and 3; in places these are up to 1km wide and a perfect gradient for learning on and then snow is very rarely icy. They lead straight back down to the 2 chairlifts neither of which have steep exits. It’s a similar story with the blues that run down to the Panoramabahn.


There are a couple of t-bars running from the base which serve beginner only areas but you’re better off taking a trip on the gondola to find the best runs. Getting back to the base from the Panorama Restaurant you can take the gondola, but apart from a very short steeper section, run 9 should be able to be tackled by most 1st weeker’s

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