Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Bad Gastein


Bad GasteinFreeriders can basically pick and choose from any one of the areas in order to have a good time. The collection of slopes on the Dorfgastein are okay for freeriding. And if you search you can have untracked and really nice treeruns.


Freestylers might not embrace this place with its rather dull freestyle appeal. However, you will still be able to find some good hits and be able to catch some big air (well rather small actually). There is also a pipe and terrain park up on the Dorfgastein slopes.


Riders who dig the piste will possibly like this place the most, no matter which area you select. The whole area is littered with good pisted cruising runs, especially the runs up on the Stubnerkogel area. The snow is always in good condition and the whole area has a good angle to the sun.


Beginners should think about choosing another resort as this is not really a hot place for learning snowboarding at. Although they have a small and flat practicing area at the bottom, but mostly for the children.
Bad Gastein

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