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Soll 2013

Sun 18 August 2013 by Sidioussam

I was in Soll in January, for my second visit to the resort. I have only good things to say. Good for beginners and good for intermediates like myself.

If you want your money's worth, go for day long rides, do head for Hopfgarten, and Itter on your first day, they're long enough to satisfy a 1st day but not overly challenging, unless you count the road crossing a mile or two upslope from Hopfgarten. Be warned that heading for Ellmau is fine, but coming back can be a little disorientating as you have to first head for Westendorf. This is not always clear on the piste maps and resulted in me getting a little turned around. The run from Soll to Ellmau and back will take you several hours and is very enjoyable. Just be aware of an extended mostly level and narrow piste, I think it's blue 51, if you fail to keep your speed up you're going to be very annoyed. Best advice I can give is to get out and explore every area you can get to. I can't say much about the nightlife as I wasn't drinking much there, but the food in pretty damn good and cheap. Enjoyed every second of it!

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Soll is fantastic!

Mon 9 January 2012 by Cuzza79

I went to Soll last year on Boxing day for a week with one of the package holiday providers. I went with my wife, best mate and his girlfriend. I'm a snowboarder, so is the wife and the other two are skiiers. It was a great holiday last year but this year we did the same again, but we sorted transport and a place to stay ourselves. It was even better!!!

We were so lucky with the snow as we had loads of the stuff. Over a metre deep in some places and I tasted powder for the first time - amazing.

The locals are so friendly and welcoming and we had a few good nights in the Red Horse and a couple of over bars as well as a great selection of places to go eat.

It's cheap for food and beer and the slopes are real easy to access.

We caught a flight to Munich and using the amazingly cheap Bayern Ticket, all 4 of us travelled to Soll for about £100 each (this includes taxi in the UK, Flight, Train to Kufstein and Taxi to Soll.

I loved it so much I am heading back in a few more weeks to hit the slopes again.


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Agreed... Soll is Fab

Tue 21 February 2006 by untieshoes

Had a week in Soll.

Soll is a fantastic picturesque place to visit, cheap, extremely pretty and most of all, great snowboarding, what more could a boarder want?!

A further review and photo's can be found here:

User rating 9 out of 10

Soll is great :)

Mon 9 January 2006 by scritch

Sol was my first snowboarding holiday and it was one of the best so far. Excellent slopes for beginners and intermediates. Loads of little cafes and drink huts to stop off and get food/drink. Great nightlife with loads of nice friendly traditional pubs. Lovely village with plenty of shops. Only a couple of hours transfer from airport as well. Well worth going to.