Your views on Borovets

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Sun 1 June 2008 by Ivova

BASIC ACCOMODATION??? With all due respect sir, but you are a complete idiot....ot you are just a cheap person who would'n pay enough to get a decent hotel. I've stayed in five star hotels around the world and in Bulgaria too. If you got to a five star hotel, you get a five star accomodation and service just like you get it at Las Vegas's Bellagio for example. So I don't know where you stayed but ihere is a hint for you-if you wan't to get more than BASIC accomodation, you need to go to more than a 2-star hotel.


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Capitalism gone Mad

Wed 26 March 2008 by Paddy

Not great, too few runs and too many people. Get to the gondola early or be prepared for a 2 hour wait and trip to the top. They now charge for everything - including going to the loo so watch out for yellow snow. Happy hour(s) are still good so follow them around as typically they are buy one get one free so makes it ok otherwise beer is not far off uk prices. If you go looking you can find some good off piste tree runs but don't expect the piste runs to finish at a lift - many don't. Mind you you can always geta horse and cart to take you back to the gondola. More hotels are being built which means more people and thus longer queues. They need more lifts which are planned but a few years away yet. Oh - hope you like drag lifts and long drag lifts aswell. Is ok but not a great place for either beginner or Advanced. If serious about your boarding this is not the place for you. Also needs a park


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Not as good as bansko

Thu 3 January 2008 by Tommo

This was my first week of boarding back in march 2005 and although it was a fab holiday - there were a few downsides. firstly our instructor was not the best the infamous bobby - who does the dvd's of your trip. within the fitst 6 hours we had not even put 2 feet in the board and he had spent most of the time wandering off talking to women leaving us stood like lemons on the slopes. I suspect this is a ploy as the first 6 hours were included in the price and he then charged us for another 6h ours which we needed to learn how board properly with both feet in! we made a complaint and he got a bit arsey - but at least we learnt eventually.

the upper slopes are much better - we went in march and by the end of the week the lower slopes were very patchy and had rocks sticking out - on the learner slopes it was practically slush by the time you got to the bottom.

like bansko where we went next - it does not have a lot to offer the expert boarder.

the town itself is quite small - with a lot of tourist friendly pubs 'the red lion' or the steak and wine house which comes very highly recommended!! and some more traditional bulgarian taverns offering local specialities including pigs brains and lambs lungs!!! - no joke!! if you are a fussy person you may not appreciate the very basic cuisine in the hotels - i for one didnt mind a diet of meat, veg, soup, veg, veg, veg and more veg. but some of our party are fussier than me!!!

again there may people who are not too keen on the horse taxi's that leave their poo all over the streets!!!

overall it is a good place for beginners - or people looking for a cheap and cheerful place to go - or maybe even for a group of mates with its pubs that are open to the early hours, karaoke bars and cocktail bars!!


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Down in the Basement Feb - 02

Tue 28 February 2006 by rusty3

The top part of the mountain always had good snow the runs were basic but still enjoyable. Probably better for beginners to intermediate, not very crowded either. The lower part was quite icy and crowded there was some really good forest runs though which went on for ages but were quite flat. This place is so cheap!!! we bought 2 beers and 2 double vodka/cokes (which is more like a treble vodka) for about £2. The best bit about borovets is the strippers down in the basement of most of the hotels there are loads of strippers who are all stunning, there is an actual strip joint as well up near the main chair. This place was fantastic we spent many a night tipping the girls who are more than happy with a few lev tucked down wherever! The night life is spot on out here really good atmosphere. Will have to try it again very soon.

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Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber??

Tue 23 August 2005 by GB1

My first boarding trip (FEB 04) and not bad either. What more can i say its dirt cheap (£1 a beer in most bars) the boarding school instructors all spoke good english and were fairly trick boarders too. For a novice i found it fairly challenging as any novice would but by the end of the week me and my buddy were blitzing the red's and the few black's. Be careful of the ice it can be a killer on the lower parts of the mountain it also can get pretty slushy to. Accomodation and food can be a complete nightmare if you are not prepared for it beacuse it is BASIC. Dont think about anyhting less than self catering if you are a veggie. I stayed in the Ela which is less than a two minute bimble from the gondola and the bars. Reading this back i feel i have given it a bad review but i had an awesome time if you go with the right attitude you will love it if not forget about it. PS For £15 each you can get a DVD made of you boarding over two days by a guy called Turbo Bobby he's nuts. Ask some of the instructors about him you cant miss him he's as ugly as your mother in law!!

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Pandas Tour - Feb 04

Thu 4 March 2004 by Swiss

Two main boarding areas ; upper and lower slopes. The upper slopes are accessed by a gondola which then lead into a combination of 3 drag lifts on connecting slopes.The gondola is prone to closure due to high winds (3 days last week) which then forces everyone to use the sole chairlift on the lower slopes which can get crowded. It does empty out over lunchtime and late afternoon and the floodlit lower slopes from 7-10pm are most pleasant. Huge exapnsion programme projected over the next 2 years which will open out the other side of the mountain with decent 4-man chairlifts direct from the resort. Will definitely be worth trying again at end 2005 when new runs should be ready. Very much a red run resort with nothing too challenging but enough for pleasant freeriding in an environment where the beer is cheap and women are friendly.