Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Borovets


Freerider's favourite spot is an off-piste run down under the gondola pylons. The small cluster of trails of the Sitnyakovska chairlift are ideal for intermediate riders but they are a bit short.


Freestylers will be glad to know that its not frowned upon if you want to build kickers. The Rotata halfpipe is
located off the Martinovi Baraki 4 chairlift, there is a portable
drag lift that sometimes services the area.


Most riders will find enough wide areas to put in a few turns, but overall this is not a very good carving resort.


Beginners have only one official blue marked run, but you should soon master some of the reds. Take note, the French designed lift system caters well for skiers, but it's not hot for novice boarders. The main problem is some of the lift take-offs are quick with deep rutted tracks that will throw you off with ease. One particular lift is so bad that it's not uncommon to see bodies dropping like flies.

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