Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Panorama


Trees, trees and more trees. Theres a limitless amount of tree-riding here; steep, shallow, wide, tight, long short - you name it, theyve got a tree run for you.

For the advanced rider, a short walk from the summit quad will lead you to Taynton Bowl which has a lot of steep tree shoots, but also has a leg-burning exit path. The Extreme Dream Zone has some shorter though still steep runs, with an easy out. Dont take your inexperienced mates into the Dream Zone as the trees are really tight and itll be more of a nightmare.




The park is situated in the base area and has an okay pipe, a few hits and lots of rails. The park is fine but compared to some Canadian resorts, Panorama's park is small and limited. The pistes dont offer too much in the way of hits or rollers, but in Taynton Bowl theres loads of rock drops to fling yourself off.


If you like it wide, well-maintained and empty, then this is the place. Most of the runs from the Champagne Express chair are well set up for you to crank out some full-speed turns.

But with all that fake snow, make sure your edges are sharp.


Beginners have lots of good blues and greens, straight off the base chair. The designated beginners area has a surface lift and theres a magic carpet for the complete novice.  For those getting around the mountain who dont mind a pathway, check out the Sun Bowl Trail.

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