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Fantastic Place!

Fri 29 December 2006 by Chris60

I went to Alpe D'huez at the end of Jan 2006 for my first ever week of snowboarding and I loved the place. A few of my mates had been there before and we went back to the same Chalet as they'd previously been to and I could easily see why. It did help that we had friends working out there at the time so as well as getting cheap beer in pretty much every place we went in, they knew all the best bars and stuff which made for great nightlife every single evening. On that theme, the best places we went to were Crowded House bar (unsurprising as it was over the road from our Chalet - Les bruyeres), Freeride bar was always a laugh when you're hammered and going down the slide to the toilets and we always seemed to end up in Smithys which never failed to have both a cracking atmosphere and quality music. One place you'd have to visit is the Rhumerie, to be honest that's not it's real name but that's what everybody in the resort knows it by. It's on the little walkway that goes along one side of the ice rink and has a large ferrari logo outside it so you can't miss it. It's called that because it sells, amongs other things, loads of bottles of flavoured rum all stacked up on one side of the bar in huge demijon type things. They do all types of flavours of this stuff but it's what else they put in it that matters ;->, I don't know what it is but I guarantee you no matter how knackered you are after a day on the slopes, have some of that gear and you'lll be jumping about and grinning like an idiot!! Never fails trust me! As for the resort itself, not exactly ugly but then again not really picture postcard stuff if that bothers you. The slopes are fantastic though. being my first week I didn't get to explore everywhere (you'd need several weeks for that) but the beginners areas are HUGE and then once you start to get farther afield you can do the run to Vaujany which is fantastic, or down to Oz and generally you will not be found wanting for choice. I found the lifts to be ok and didn't really have any problems with queus, some chair's were a bit slow but in contrast some of the drag lifts are more than a bit lively!! Amusing to watch other boarders holding on for dear life!! In summary I've not really got a bad word to say about the place, I would give it a ten out of ten but being my first and so far only time on the slopes I can't yet say that I won't find better but the fact that in feb 07 we're going back there to the same Chalet says it all, and I can't flippin wait!!

User rating 9 out of 10

From memroy...

Sun 29 January 2006 by Iain

Went to Alpes d'Huez as a beginner about 6 years ago and loved it, though didn't see many of the runs bar one black run that my mates took me down "for the experience" (cheers guys) which i went down on my backside. The resort was great and a good choice of nightlife compared to some of the places i've been to since. Also everything within walking / boarding distance.

User rating 9 out of 10

Darren Pope

Wed 21 September 2005 by Darren9

My first time snowboarding eas in March 2005 at Alpe D'Huez. I travelled with Ski Miquel and while the Bel alpe Hotel was a bit 'tired' it was more than adequate with good food and friendly staff.

Alpe D'Huez is a begineers paradise with an absolutely huge novice / green run area. This is easily accessible, never got busy and was always in top condition.

As the week went on I ventured farther up the mountain and tackled many of the blue runs. By the end of the week I had a go at a couple of reds and scared the willies out of myself but it was good and challengeing all the same.

I highly recommend this resort - in fact I am going back to the same place in Jan 06 for another go.

On the downside I found the town itself very ugly and characterless and the beer was expenive - as in all french resorts.