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Summer boarding near Bormio

Wed 25 July 2007 by spragg

Can't find any reviews of this resort anywhere on the internet so I thought I'd post one.

Just returned from a five-week sojourn working and skiing/snowboarding on the Stelvio Pass.

The Stelvio Pass is a glacial resort above the second highest mountain pass in Europe (2757m). The vast majority of people there are part of ski schools, the Italian and Austrian ski teams were there for summer training. There are a few snowboarders too, and the Pirovano hotel has a snowboard school. The first and fifth weeks of our stay were very hot and the snow was awful, but in the middle we had great conditions, 50cm fell in one night at the beginning of July.

As somewhere to go for a summer fix it's OK, if you can cope with the drag lifts.

Minuses: short pistes and nothing steep only draglifts terrible snow when it is hot

Pluses: Snowboarding in fresh powder in July! Open May to November