How to get to Volen and Stepanovo


Volen Sport Park
141840, Moscow Region,
Yakhroma Town, Troitskaya St., #1
+7 (095) 961-00-50
+7 (095) 993-95-02 (24h)

By Car

Take Dmitrovskoe Shosse and go outside of Moscow in the North direction. After driving for about half an hour (46 km), 3 km after Dedenevo village you will need to turn left (there will be a sign and a huge billboard). After you cross the river, you need to turn right and you'll get to Volen through Yakhroma town. If you turn left after the river, you'll get to Stepanovo, but the road is a bit dodgy, so drive carefully. The journey takes about 1.5 or 2 hours from the center of Moscow, depending on the traffic. Expect to spend about 280R ($10) on petrol for this trip. Print out this map before driving:

By Plane

The tickets from Europe to Moscow start at $300 US return, but you can also use budget snowboard-friendly airlines. such as EasyJet, to get to Riga (Latvia) or Tallin (Estonia), where you can take a train to Moscow for about $50 US one way. If you book early, your whole journey (return) from London or Berlin (through Riga) will cost you about $160 US. As the resort is just 46 km away from Moscow in the north direction, the closest airport is Sheremetyevo, where most international flights arrive (except British Airways and Swiss). A taxi to Volen would cost about $50 US, alternatively you would have to go to Moscow and then take a bus or a train to get there.

By bus/coach

Using a standard bus service is not an option, because it will take too long, but if you're willing to try, there is a bus every hour from 8am until 8pm departing from Altufievo metro station (grey line, North-West Moscow), which goes to Dmitrov. You need to get off before Dmitrov in Yakhroma town and take a taxi or a mini-shuttle bus from there to Volen. The whole jouney (including the taxi) would cost about 200 R ($8) one way and takes about 2.5 hours.

By train

That is the easiest way. You need to go to Savelovsky train station in Moscow (metro Savelovskaya, grey line, center) and take a local train to Yakhroma (you can also take the ones that go to Dmitrov, Dubna or Savelovo, but will need to get off before -- in Yakhroma). It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes by train to Yakhroma train station, from where you can either take a taxi to Volen or Stepanovo (about $3 and there's many taxis there) or use a daily mini-shuttle that departs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10.45, 12.05, 15.10, 17.10 and 19.20 and goes to Stepanovo through Volen. Total travel time is about 1.5 hours, costs about 200R ($8) one way if you take a taxi.

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