Your views on XSCAPE Milton Keynes

User rating 3 out of 10

Only for learners

Mon 20 November 2006 by jat147

Sorry peeps I know a lot of you like it, but....its rubbish. If you're going on your 1st board holiday this winter, then go and have a lesson, you'll find your 1st day on the real snow a lot easier. Anyone else who can ride already, don't drive any more than 5 mins to get here. Its really expensive, its much too short to be worth while, and its too busy most of the time. A 15 second ride is followed by a 5 min queue to get to the lift, then the same again on the rope, do the math, that aint snowboardin! Worth a 3/10 though because theres some shops worth seeing?

User rating 6 out of 10

best there is uk

Sun 19 November 2006 by robin5

freestyle nights are great - if youre into freestyle, if youre not then would reccomend going  when the said nights arent on, that way it will be quieter and more fun for everyone concerned as it can get busy

User rating 5 out of 10


by WSG Steve

This place allows me to get my fix. I'll pop up there every couple of months, mess about on the rails, 45 minutes from London and all that; for what it is its good. If you straight line it it'll take you 15 seconds to get down the slopes, but on a good day there will be a couple of jumps and rails, and no one else up there.