Alpine Meadows

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Resort life

Off the slopes. Alpine Meadows, doesn’t have any real slope side services. However, just about anything you need can be found in nearby Tahoe City. Tahoe City has a surplus of accommodation, eating out and sporting facilities. There are loads of shops, including loads of souvenir outlets so beloved by tourists and skiers. With the Tahoe area being so popular, it is quite possible that you could be hanging out, on or off the slopes, with some of the biggest names in snowboarding as a number of pros live in the area.


Food.If you can’t find anywhere in this area to suit your taste buds, then you have a serious medical problem. There are loads of eating outlets in every price range - the choice and range are excellent. For a decent breakfast before hitting the slopes, check out The Alpine Riverside Cafe. For good food at reasonable prices, check out Bridgetender or the Mandrian Villa in Tahoe City. Jasons Saloon also serves up some decent nosh.


Night-life here is pretty cool with lots of night spots in the area. Partying options are great, with excessive drinking and chatting up of local birds made easy. Some of the best talent can be found in places such as Naughty Dog, Pierce St Annex, or Humpty’s. The River Ranch, which is en-route to Alpine, is also noted for being a lively place.


Accommodation can be found in Truckee and Tahoe City, 6 miles away. It’s a bit of a trek but you can often get great deals in Reno also known as the “mini Vegas”. Cal-Nev resort at $79 per person is quite expensive, but this place has history and used to be owned by old blue eyes himself. You also get great views over lake Tahoe . In Reno, the Circus Hotel ( and Harrah’s ( are good. Many hotels offer excellent room & lift pass deals, especially mid-week.