Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Bear Mountain


Freeriders have a good choice of areas to ride.The double black diamond Geronimo run is a real tester, however Gambler, a nugget most riders never find off the top of Showdown Mountain, is also super cool.


Freestylers are in their element as almost every run features a jump or rail. The entire 195 acre Bear mountain has become one big park with up to 150 jumps and 80 jib objects littered around. The halfpipe and superpipe sit alongside each other and are located near the base and Big Mountain Express chair.

Bear Mountain Park


Lovers of the groomed slopes have a number of good trails to cruise, although in fairness the resorts not the best for super fast cranking it over trails. For a quick burst plus a show-off, check out Grizzly, a short but steep trail.


Beginners, Bear is an excellent place to learn. The local snowboard school offers an introduction to Snowboarding scheme, and a Vertical Improvement Program for riders who want to enhance their carving and jumping skills. Kids under 9 can also sign up for the magic Minors Snowboard Camp.

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