Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Kirkwood

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Resort life

There isn't much in the Kirkwood Mountain Village itself, apart from a few quiet bars, small eateries and some rather expensive accommodation. However with the town of South Lake Tahoe only a short drive away it makes Kirkwood a nice easy-to-access resort. Kirkwood does offer some 'rad' snowmobile tours and dog sled rides.


Again, very little available in Kirkwood itself, however you can find anything from Mexican to Mongolian, down in South Lake Tahoe town.


Nightlife in Kirkwood itself is pretty much non-existent.  For a good range of clubs and bars, as well as some gambling action, take a drive to South Lake Tahoe - but don't get caught out in a snow storm as the road can close very quickly.


A small range of rather expensive accommodation is available at Kirkwood itself, including some plush condos and hotels.  Your best bet is to stay in South Lake Tahoe town, where you can find something to suit all holiday budgets, and rent a car to drive the short distance to Kirkwood.  They do also operate a daily bus service at a small cost.

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