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in Copper Mountain

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Resort life

Copper Mountain is very much a snowboard-friendly place and the locals will make your stay a good one. However, Copper has the usual pitfalls of many Colorado resorts - it can be painfully expensive. But if you're a good scammer, you can stay here on a low budget if you put yourself about and get to know the locals. The resort facilities are very good and un-like many resorts, Copper isn?t overloaded with dozens of soppy tourist shops, but rather a need to have selection. There is also a sports centre a swimming pool and gym.


The menus on offer here are perfect for the holiday crowds, but nothing comes cheap - a burger and a coke at Copper Commons is about $6. Still, Farley's does do an affordable steak, while O?Shea?s serves up killer breakfasts at very reasonable prices. Pesce Fresco?s is another noted eatrie with a big menu to chose from. However, for a burger and other light snacks, check out the B-Lift Pub, a favourite with locals and visitors alike.


Night-life around Copper is somewhat tame. The main hang outs being B-Lift Pub, O?Shea?s and Farleys. However, the better option for a night out drinking or pulling a local bit of skirt, is in nearby Breckenridge or Vail. The choice of bars is much better, but unless you're 21+, and have ID to prove it, you're going to be seriously bored.


Accommodation in Copper offers slopeside beds, but prices range enormously from $20 up to $800 a night. Staying in nearby Dillon or Frisco would be a good alternative if you?re on a tight budget , both have a good selection of cheaper accommodation. For all your lodging needs, contact Copper Mountain Lodging Services.  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics