Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Steamboat


Freeriders can have a good time at Steamboat. If youre up to the grade, try riding the steeps on the Meadows of Storm Peak, where Christmas Tree Bowl and the neighbouring chutes will give you a good challenge. Alternatively, try cutting some deep powder tracks in areas like Toutes.


Freestylers can catch some decent natural air or sample the man-made hits in the Maverick terrain park on Big Meadow. The Maverick park claims to have the biggest park in North America 650 foot long ending in a 50foot 1/4pipe.


Theres also a great park, called the Sobe Park, with a 200foot pipe and numerous rails and kickers.


The Beehive, is a small fun-park with a series of mini-hits for kids only, located on the Spike trail reachable off the South Peak lift.


The pistes here are very good with good long descents on which to perfect their technique. Steamboat is also noted for its Olympic race runs, which can be used by snowboarders. Further more, this is also a place where speed skiers, and indeed extreme down hill mountain bikers, often come to practice their thing. Which means the mountain certainly has a number of very gnarly slopes where you can cut it at great speed, but dont go racing down fast runs in an out of control or dangerous manner, because not only will someone get seriously hurt, but the ski patrol will take a very dim view of your actions and throw you off the mountain.


Beginners and total novices will feel most left out here, for apart from some green runs snaking in and out of the higher grade trails, the easy stuff at the base area is often very tiresome. Steamboat has an excellent ski and snowboard school.

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