Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Steamboat

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Resort life

Steamboat is a welcoming town even if it has a poncy feel about it. The town is loaded with all manner of attractions and is well equipped for making your stay a good one. You can choose to stay on or close to the slopes and the main resort facilities are well located to each other and for the slopes.


However, being a dollar-hungry place, those of you on a tight budget may not be able to survive beyond a couple of days here. The cost of most things is unjustifiably high. Which is a shame (perhaps its a deliberate resort policy so they can attract millionaires and keep low-lifes away).


Around town you will find a host of things to do, from a climbing gym to an indoor ice rink. The town also has a number of shops, with most now catering for snowboarders, some even offer good deals on board sales.


Food. Steamboat has a good selection of restaurants from fancy dining out joints to a number of fast food places, whether you have a steak or a burger, one thing is for sure, you can guarantee it will be top notch (mind you so will the price). You can eat out in style on the mountain at places like the Bear River Bar & Grill or the Rendezvous Saddle cafeteria.


Night-life in this over hyped town leaves a lot to be desired and can be best described as crap and aimed at middle-aged skiers with sad dress sense. They have way too much après-ski nonsense here. However, the Cellar bar has a good deal going. For $12 you get to drink as much as you can for two hours.


Accomodation. Steamboat has a very good selection of accommodation with loads of lodges, chalets and condos to choose from.

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