Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Winter Park


Freeriders will find plenty of okay tree runs around both mountains with near perfect spaced trees. However, don’t expect to ride all the ferns at any great speed. There is some good riding to be had in Parsenn Bowl on June Mountain, and on the runs of the Challenger.


Freestylers are presented with three fun-parks. The Rail yard is the big one designed for the advnaced rider. Conditions depending it has 25 rails, 16 jumps and a super-pipe organised into various lines. The Jack Kendrick park is set-up for more intermediate riders it has a number of rails and kickers and a less intemidating halfpipe.

Kendrick is designed for the Freerider looking to hone their skills before going to Rail Yard. Apparently Kendrick's jumps have more flow than the Mississippi River. The Discovery Park is the place to learn how to navigate rollers, catch air, and slide on foreign surfaces! This beginner terrain park is designed to be a great place to learn skills for the first time.


Riders looking for wide pistes where they can pose doing big arcs, will find Winter Park right up their street. Much of what you find on Winter Park mountain will suit piste lovers.


Beginners also fair well here. The easy trails, and indeed some of those classed as intermediate, can be ridden within a few days if you put your mind to it.

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