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No fresh pow, but still worth the trip

Tue 2 March 2004 by frankieboards

sadly, it didn't dump any new snow whilst i was in park city, where the white stuff is supposed to be legendary after a big fall. nevertheless, Park City is a great resort for riders, with some really classy runs in amongst the trees (avoid the Aspen trees though...they get very dense and a crash is inevitable). for free riding, try the trees down either side of McConkey's Bowl, or Jupiter Bowl, if you like to be out in widen open space. my criticism of Park City is that is is more of a big (OK, very big) hill, than a montain...but maybe that's unfair, as i'd just come from Jackson Hole, afetr which everything seems tame. for freestylees, the park is excellent, with a great collection of rails and some awesome hits....some the size of small houses. a night, you canb forget all the crap about Utah, Mormons and not drinking. There are loads of bars, and more than enough beer. Overall a good resort...hook up with a local rider and it gets even better, as this place keeps a lot of its best bits well hidden.